Friday, November 26, 2010

Drago Bentley: Space Detective

Well Space Detectives, we are on the verge of attending our first comic convention for this year to help promote DB. It’s called SupaNova and it is to be held in December on 27 November. I’ve booked a couple of seats in Artists’ Alley and am getting posters and flyers and things made for it. I’m getting Julia Ford, a promoter for PixiFotos in Queensland, to attend in my place. Drawing on her vast experience with PixiFotos, Julia has been great in advising me about what materials to prepare to sell copies of the graphic novel and to otherwise promote the comic.

The 14 pages of the motion comic Aerol has been working on is being fine tuned. The first 7 pages are as shown at the link found in the last weekly blog update (and which can be found on YouTube after searching for Drago Bentley). The next 7 pages will be released the same way. The reason for this is that each 7 pages take up about 6 minutes. I thought that doubling each motion comic release might demand too much attention of you, my readers. Hey, I could be wrong but I was thinking of you after all.

As an update, the third issue almost 14 pages drawn. Dave, Mark, Joel and Teddy have done awesome jobs. I’m so proud of them.

Also taking my time these days has been finding a graphic artist for Barrio Chino. I’m happy to say that Dave Acosta has been successful in convincing us that he has the character of Jesus figured out. His drawing of the pained hitman was spot-on for Kosta and me. Are you intrigued yet? We will release more details on this when the time comes.

Finally, the other project taking up my time is that I’m Assistant Director for Red Bandit Productions on their project titled Finding Eric. This is a short movie that begins production in a week. More on this at a later stage.

Okay; that’s it for the news for this week, Space Detectives. Stay tuned for more updates.

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